Leadership Development 

Leadership Development expands the capacity of leaders for optimal performance. Leadership is not only an area of Tenisha's research, it is an area of her teaching and part of her prior experience.  For a little over five years, she was responsible for university-wide supports and services which included but were not limited to disability support services, tutoring, and developmental and international education. She was also in charge of curriculum development, policy advancement, staff hiring and onboarding, and encouraging employees to pursue career development opportunities. By drawing on her prior experience as a leader, the existing research on organizational behavior, the organization's culture, as well as her scholarship, utilizing leadership models and frameworks, Tenisha is well-positioned to offer organizations up-to-date personalized learning sessions that focus on strategizing for the future, leading across groups, and facilitating organizational change.

Time will be well spent not only on skill enhancement and strategy execution, but participants will develop the know-how for proactive leadership, responsive leadership, and critical leadership that help individuals and organizations navigate societal shifts.